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In today’s fast paced world, the greatest value addition we bring you is the extensive range of services we offer under one roof. At MoneyMinar, we give utmost attention to the smallest need that you may have regarding your investments. We understand that your hard earned wealth needs professional care, and we leave no stone unturned in delivering the top class services that you deserve.

A demanding work schedule and busy lifestyle means that there is very little time left for doing the things that we want to. At MoneyMinar, we take away your hassles of managing your investments, keeping them organised and systematically planning for the future. Maintaining reminders around payments, servicing investment requirements, and other time consuming activities can all be left to us. Thus we ensure that you sit back and enjoy your precious personal time with your loved ones.

Our extensive range of services for individuals include:

  Financial goal setting – Building a corpus for those milestones in life that need our attention be it retirement planning, a child’s education or saving up for an unforeseen emergency.
  Financial Planning – Helping in setting aside money for achieving our financial goals, despite a limited income and ever rising expenses. We help you find the healthy balance between a comfortable today, and a luxurious tomorrow.
  Tax Planning – When we work hard for our salaries, seldom do we like to part with a large chunk of it as taxes, hence tax planning becomes an essential need to minimise tax outflow.
  Managing Investments – Scattered investments and busy work schedules can be a deadly combination. Our servicing team helps you not only in managing your existing investments but also redesigning your portfolio if required to maximise achievement of the set goals.
  Real Estate – From helping you find your dream home to choosing the best investment property, our experts keep in mind your cash flows, fundamentals of the project in question and even the future prospects of the investment.
  Insurance Analysis – Insurance schemes and policies often come with hidden terms which often could be difficult to comprehend. Our experts not just simplify these for you but also help compare products basis your need or goal.
  Online Portfolio Management – Keeping a track on your investments is now easy with automatic updation of current price/NAV and therefore the current valuation of your portfolio is just a few clicks away.
  Estate Planning – We spend a lifetime in building a fortune. Should you want your legacy to be preserved and passed on to your loved ones without any challenges, you need our services for a smooth succession of your estate.
To enrich your experience with us, each client is assigned a dedicated service manager to give you that personal attention that you deserve. Other than that our Customer Care Cell is always available to assist.
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