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There is a dream that all of us cherish– to build our own property. As young working professionals, this dream only becomes bigger - to own a piece of land or a house that we may call our own. Real estate, also referred to as property may be defined to two broad categories, residential and commercial, depending on the end use of the property.

Real estate is usually purchased to fulfil two motives:

1) For Self use – Where the buyer is actually buying the property for his use, whether it is a commercial or a residential property.

2) Investment – Where the motive is to put in money into the property as an investment. Here end use may be for oneself or the property may be sold/rented out.

Let’s look at each of these separately and how we may help you in fulfilling your ultimate goals.

Buying a property for end use involves first identifying one’s needs and working out the budget and then marrying the two. We have a defined budget within which we now need to find a property to fulfil specific needs or preferences. A property for end use may be a house or an office. However the house for end use isn’t just that, it is infact going to be one’s home. It has to look after the smallest needs of each family member, while being one that can still remain affordable. An office is a place where we wish to showcase our profession or our work and must fit the profile perfectly. Should this place that we buy be ready to move in or under construction, should it be self built or one developed by a builder, must it have all the amenities or should it be centrally located, the choices are many. More the choices, greater is the confusion for the home or office buyer, and it is here that MoneyMinar comes to your aid. Take a look at our structured approach of finding you your dream home or office.

Investing in Real estate involves the purchase, ownership, management, rental and/or sale of property for profit. Real Estate has in the last few years outperformed even the equity market. This is what lures a large number of us to invest in property. A street-by-street knowledge of the market makes it perfect for the savvy retail investors. The advice from MoneyMinar can make your real estate experience a financially lucrative option & one that is free of any inconvenience.

The Real Estate short listing process at MoneyMinar
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