When we gift a child his first piggy bank, it is not just a toy but infact the first step towards a habit called saving. As he grows up, this toy bank gets replaced by organised investments, even though the intent remains the same.

Investments may certainly take away a part of our current monthly income, but these come back to us multiplied many times over with ‘sweet’ returns. At MoneyMinar, we take great care in analysing investment options, not in isolation, but in tandem with our client’s future goals, risk appetite and current savings.

We believe that a healthy investment portfolio not only helps to fulfil all our future needs, but infact becomes one’s backup in the hour of need; any unforeseen situation can be met and overcome with ease.

For the uninitiated, seek professional guidance on choosing your first investment instrument if you want to put the right foot forward. For the regular investor, if you still rely on gut feel, stop and think! Just because you never saw the bigger picture, you may be drifting away from your financial goals. But as they say, it’s never too late – start investing the smart way and avail of professional advice today!